interface QueryOptions {
    cursor?: Cursor;
    pageDirection?: waku_store.PageDirection;
    pageSize?: number;
    timeFilter?: waku_store.TimeFilter;


cursor?: Cursor

Cursor as an index to start a query from. The cursor index will be exclusive (i.e. the message at the cursor index will not be included in the result). If undefined, the query will start from the beginning or end of the history, depending on the page direction.

pageDirection?: waku_store.PageDirection

The direction in which pages are retrieved:

Note: This does not affect the ordering of messages with the page (the oldest message is always first).


{ @link PageDirection.BACKWARD }
pageSize?: number

The number of message per page.


{ @link DefaultPageSize }
timeFilter?: waku_store.TimeFilter

Retrieve messages with a timestamp within the provided values.

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