Interface representing the Relay API, providing control and information about the GossipSub protocol.

interface IRelayAPI {
    getMeshPeers: ((topic?) => string[]);
    gossipSub: GossipSub;
    pubsubTopics: Set<string>;
    start: (() => Promise<void>);


getMeshPeers: ((topic?) => string[])

Type declaration

    • (topic?): string[]
    • Function to retrieve the mesh peers for a given topic or all topics if none is specified. Returns an array of peer IDs as strings.


      • Optional topic: string

      Returns string[]

gossipSub: GossipSub

The GossipSub instance used for managing pub/sub behavior.

pubsubTopics: Set<string>
start: (() => Promise<void>)

Type declaration

    • (): Promise<void>
    • Function to start the relay, returning a Promise that resolves when initialization is complete.

      Returns Promise<void>

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