Type alias ProtocolCreateOptions

ProtocolCreateOptions: {
    bootstrapPeers?: string[];
    contentTopics?: string[];
    defaultBootstrap?: boolean;
    libp2p?: Partial<CreateLibp2pOptions>;
    numPeersToUse?: number;
    pubsubTopics?: PubsubTopic[];
    shardInfo?: Partial<ShardingParams>;
    staticNoiseKey?: Uint8Array;

Type declaration

  • Optional bootstrapPeers?: string[]

    List of peers to use to bootstrap the node. Ignored if defaultBootstrap is set to true.

  • Optional contentTopics?: string[]

    Content topics are used to determine pubsubTopics If not provided pubsubTopics will be determined based on shardInfo See Waku v2 Topic Usage Recommendations for details.

  • Optional defaultBootstrap?: boolean

    Use recommended bootstrap method to discovery and connect to new nodes.

  • Optional libp2p?: Partial<CreateLibp2pOptions>

    You can pass options to the Libp2p instance used by @waku/sdk!WakuNode using the libp2p property. This property is the same type as the one passed to Libp2p.create apart that we made the modules property optional and partial, allowing its omission and letting Waku set good defaults. Notes that some values are overridden by @waku/sdk!WakuNode to ensure it implements the Waku protocol.

  • Optional numPeersToUse?: number

    Number of peers to connect to, for the usage of the protocol. This is used by:

    • Light Push to send messages,
    • Filter to retrieve messages. Defaults to 3.
  • Optional pubsubTopics?: PubsubTopic[]


    Waku will stop supporting named sharding. Only static sharding and autosharding will be supported moving forward.

  • Optional shardInfo?: Partial<ShardingParams>

    Waku supports usage of multiple pubsub topics. This is achieved through static sharding for now, and auto-sharding in the future. The format to specify a shard is: clusterId: number, shards: number[] To learn more about the sharding specifications implemented, see Relay Sharding. The Pubsub Topic to use. Defaults to @waku/core!DefaultPubsubTopic.

    If no pubsub topic is specified, the default pubsub topic is used. The set of pubsub topics that are used to initialize the Waku node, will need to be used by the protocols as well You cannot currently add or remove pubsub topics after initialization. This is used by:

  • Optional staticNoiseKey?: Uint8Array

    Byte array used as key for the noise protocol used for connection encryption by Libp2p.create This is only used for test purposes to not run out of entropy during CI runs.

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