Function waitForRemotePeer

  • Wait for a remote peer to be ready given the passed protocols. Must be used after attempting to connect to nodes, using @waku/sdk!WakuNode.dial or a bootstrap method with @waku/sdk!createLightNode.

    If the passed protocols is a GossipSub protocol, then it resolves only once a peer is in a mesh, to help ensure that other peers will send and receive message to us.


    • waku: Waku

      The Waku Node

    • Optional protocols: Protocols[]

      The protocols that need to be enabled by remote peers.

    • Optional timeoutMs: number

      A timeout value in milliseconds..

    Returns Promise<void>

    A promise that resolves if all desired protocols are fulfilled by remote nodes, rejects if the timeoutMs is reached.


    If passing a protocol that is not mounted


    Wait for remote peers with protocols enabled locally and no time out is applied.

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