interface EncoderOptions {
    contentTopic: string;
    ephemeral?: boolean;
    metaSetter?: IMetaSetter;
    pubsubTopic?: string;
    pubsubTopicShardInfo?: SingleShardInfo;


  • EncoderOptions


    contentTopic: string

    The content topic to set on outgoing messages.

    ephemeral?: boolean

    An optional flag to mark message as ephemeral, i.e., not to be stored by Waku Store nodes.

    Default Value


    metaSetter?: IMetaSetter

    A function called when encoding messages to set the meta field.

    Param: IProtoMessage

    The message encoded for wire, without the meta field. If encryption is used, metaSetter only accesses encrypted payload.

    pubsubTopic?: string


    pubsubTopicShardInfo?: SingleShardInfo

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